20 Août 2005
Live in Ibiza - XXV Anniversary Café del Mar

13 oct. 2010

Café Del Mar 30th anniversary

Le double album Café Del Mar 30th anniversary sera  dans les bacs vers le 22 octobre 2010 
La Caina : "A CHILD IS BORN"

The double album Café Del Mar 30th anniversary will be  in stores on October 22 with a title of La Caina..... 


A CHILD IS BORN                                Lyrics : Maxime Plisson
                                                                Music : Jean Pierre Plisson

_ A child is born and for a while
there is no night.
no time,
just a light.
A child is born
to teach us how to live,
to keep away the darkness
and the fears.
_ A child is born and
very soon,
love is there all around.
I float like a balloon.
Eager to see
his eyes, his nose, his feet.
(so) Curious of the man
he will be.
__ So very tiny and so grand.
You've already tied me
by the hand.
Nothing will ever
be the same again
for you made me a mother, forever.
A child is born
(so) soft ant sweet.
Nine months of waiting
today we finally meet.
It's a new dawn.
It is a brand new day
this evening you were born, my son.

 Noam est né le 31 décembre 2008


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